Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Bone Lick BBQ

Sadly, my lunch today at Bone Lick BBQ was sooooo good that I attacked it immediately and forgot to take pictures.  That's where the sadness ends though.  This little hole in the wall is an excellent edition to the neighborhood where another favorite of mine, Urban Pl8 is also located.

Order at the counter, grab a number and a big mason jar of whatever you're drinking, find a table and wait for some of the BEST BBQ in Atlanta.  I had "The Legendary Pull Pork Sammy" and a side of collard greens.  Let's start with this super sized pulled pork beauty on two buttery slabs of Texas toast, piled high with the house cider slaw and home made pickles. Top that with one of the homemade BBQ sauces from Kansas City style to Carolina style and dig in.

If you're like me you'll just start pulling the sandwich apart and scrape up all the goodies that tend to fall out as you're devouring this beast.  I love the tender meat that is smoked but not too smokey.  Just a hint of 'cue I call it.  The tangy slaw and briny pickles bring it all together into a cacophony of BBQ greatness.  But my epic lunch didn't end there.  The collard greens are some of the best I have EVER had.  Cooked with pork (yes!) and oh so spicy and with the addition of pepper vinegar I found on my table, truly out of this stratosphere. I could make a meal out of those alone!

When I go back the fried pickles are definitely on my list as is the smoked pecan chicken and the brunswick stew.  Oh and the "Big Ole Totties", tater tots drowned in BBQ goodness and cheese are also a must do.  Vegans and Vegetarians, you have not been overlooked.  A nice local tomato salad and a sandwich of smoked mushrooms are all decent and innovative choices.  I mean how many BBQ joints even offer a meatless option?  If you haven't been to Bone Lick BBQ, go!  And if you have been, go back.  I'll be the one with the plate of freshly made, hot and spicy pork rinds on the table.

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