Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cafe Sunflower

Cafe Sunflower is a place I can feel good about eating my veggies.  I've been frequenting this place for some years, but lunch today at their Buckhead location made me realize why I keep coming back.

Decisions, decisions.  I had already studied the lunch menu online and was leaning towards the Curry Scramble when I was blindsided by the Mushroom Risotto under the lunch specials.  After some serious thought I opted for the risotto and a starter of hot and spicy tofu.  What can I say about the tofu but yum- good sized, firm yet, pillowy bites of tofu were enhanced with a spicy, hot and sweet brown sauce dressed up with lettuce strips and diced tomato.  Absolutely, divine.  But the star was definitely the risotto hidden under a mound of every kind of mushroom imaginable.  The risotto tender, woodsy and sprinkled with onion and spinach blended with the mushrooms in an cacophony of pure creamy,tasty pleasure.  And no meal is complete at Cafe Sunflower without one of their luscious totally vegan desserts.  I opted for the sinful chocolate ganache with a crust made of crushed nuts.  Dense but full of chocolate flavor in every delightful bite.

Stuffed, was not the word as I made my way out the restaurant and back to work on the fringes of a food coma.  Rarely, do I leave a restaurant so satisfied and with such a happy belly.  They can count on me to keep darkening their doorstep for more wonderfully, tasty adventures in food.

Cafe Sunflower, 2140 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30309

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